A tool to help with creating gdal_translate commands

The Geospatial Data Abstraction Library (GDAL) is an awesome library for all kinds of map and geospatial based transformations and calculations. I’m currently using it to add a custom overlay on the map in an iPhone app I’m making. When making a custom overlay you use the GDAL’s gdal_translate function to create an image file containing geographical information (in VRT format)

The problem is that the syntax is rather odd (full options here) and can be very long winded to type out, especially if you make an error. To help with this I’ve created a simple jQuery powered tool over on JS Bin. This tool asks you for a few simple parameters and once the form is complete it will spit out a command you can copy and paste directly into Terminal / command prompt.

You can find the tool at http://jsbin.com/ivirin/33, feel free to clone it and have fun with it.