Curriculum Vitae

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Disciplined Software Development Manager and Developer with a passion for delivering high quality and valuable software.



  • Test Driven Development using JavaScript, Python, Java, Objective-C and Swift
  • Data visualisation using D3.js
  • Cross browser CSS & JavaScript, tested using SauceLabs, Jasmine, gulp-uncss and Jenkins CI server
  • Behaviour Driven Development using Selenium testing with Cucumber & Behave


  • Continuous Integration, testing and deployment with Jenkins and Travis CI
  • Collecting and analysing metrics on code with SonarQube to increase quality and reliability
  • Improving development workflows to drive a cross-team centric way of working

Other skills

  • Android and iOS development
  • Ran NHS Social Media (#nhssm) chat for 3 years which helped NHS staff use social media in a professional capacity

Languages & Tools

  • LESS, CSS & IE .htc
  • Gulp for front-end tooling
  • SVG, Canvas & VML
  • CoffeeScript & JavaScript
  • Jasmine & PhantomJS for testing JS SauceLabs API for cross browser testing
  • jQuery & jQuery plugin creation
  • Jenkins CI for automated testing & deploy
  • Python, Django & Odoo
  • SonarQube for code quality management
  • Objective-C, Swift & Interface Builder
  • Java & Android SDK
  • PHP & Wordpress - themes & plugins
  • Ansible for provisioning
  • Bash for Linux & Mac


Software Development Manager

NeovaHealth, 2015 - Present

  • Lead team of eight development, QA & UX staff
  • Utilised Agile ways of working to focus team on delivering a high quality valuable product
  • Co-ordinated the adoption of Scrum and Continuous Delivery in the organisation
  • Helped grow a culture of validated learning and knowledge sharing
  • Conducted staff performance reviews, appraisals and one-to-ones

Frontend Developer

Neovahealth, 2013 - 2015

  • Created mobile frontend for Open-eObs, a mobile application used by frontline NHS staff to submit patient observations using Odoo - a Python powered ERP system
  • Built a module that used PhantomJS & D3 to print off patient reports from Odoo
  • Created LESS & CoffeeScript frontend workflow using Gulp, PhantomJS and SauceLabs API
  • Created a CoffeeScript library for D3 that allowed for patient’s observations to be viewed and interacted with via graphs and tables using context & focus technique

New Media Officer

St George’s Healthcare NHS Trust, 2010 - 13

  • Worked with Google to map the indoors of St George’s Hospital - the largest Hospital in London
  • Created unique mobile friendly websites for the trust’s mandatory publications, saving roughly £6,000 per publication
  • Built a consultant directory for GP Liason team and an API which allowed for this information to be used across the Trust’s websites.
  • Ran the trust’s social media accounts and the NHS Social Media twitter chat which helped get NHS staff discussing social media and it’s use as a professional tool


BA Digital Art Specialist

Thames Valley University, 2006 - 2009

  • Received a First Class Degree