Personal Summary

Software Development Engineer in Test interested in Health tech, Augmented Reality and Open Source software. Very interested in Lean and Agile & building and working in great teams that build products that deliver the most value to the user through continuously improving quality and processes.

Work Experience

Cell Lead - International Optometry Retailer

2019 - Present
Lead a delivery cell of three Developers, one Tester and one Business Analyst to deliver new functionality and refactor client's existing website.

Test Automation Engineer - International Gambling Company

2018 - 2019
Working for a international gambling sector client to launch their New Jersey offering. Moved from Development to Test Automation as they grow their global platform for new markets. Developed a regression suite for testing a Kafka based sports data platform with bi-directional traceability in JIRA

Software Developer - LiveObs

2016 - 2018
Working within a team of four to continue the work I did at my previous job but in an enterprise setting. Working with Python and JavaScript to help shape the way that hospitals run wards and care for patients, while ensuring the product met the needs of the user by using validated learning techniques, TDD and BDD.

Software Development Manager

2015 - 2016
Leading a team of eight amazing people to create high quality software with a focus on delivering value to our users via Lean and Agile methods. Co-ordinated the adoption of Scrum and Continuous delivery practices as well helped to build a culture of validated learning and knowledge sharing within the company. Conducted staff performance reviews, appraisals and one-to-ones as well as other managerial duties.


2013 - 2016
Datarrgh Apps
Built a patient safety messaging platform for St George's Hospital's Patient Safety Manager to use to communicate effectively with staff.

Frontend Developer

2013 - 2015
Creating responsive frontend for OpenERP/Odoo based Open Source mobile electronic patient observation platform using Python, Coffeescript, D3.js and LESS. Built a custom reporting module for Odoo to print reports with PhantomJS.

App developer

2013 - 2013
Self Employed
Working with NHS Somerset, the New Economics Foundation and AttDigital I was commissioned to design and develop an app for Android and iOS that helps user to keep track of their wellbeing and helps them set activities that will increase it. The app was built using Apache Cordova (formerly PhoneGap) to give the app an even playing field across both platforms as due to the project timeframe and also that I was still working my 9-5 job there was a very limited amount of time. The app runs on HTML, CSS3 and JavaScript using plugins to use the devices local storage, SQLite database and to fire the local notifications which remind the user to do the activities they set. While doing this project I increased my knowledge of PhoneGap / Cordova and updated a number of widely used plugins to use the newest version of Cordova.

New Media Officer

2010 - 2013
I worked as a Web Developer and Designer in the Communications Unit at St George's Healthcare NHS Trust. As well as maintaining the Trust's website and developing new features for the website I also managed the Trust's Social Media accounts. My work with St George's Healthcare's Social Media accounts has been mentioned in the Financial Times and the Guardian Healthcare Network blog. I also lead a project that saw St George's Hospital become the first UK hospital to offer interior maps on Google Maps as well as redesigned and redeveloped the St George's Healthcare website.


Young Achiever of the Year

Corporate Communications Magazine
Nominated by St George's (with an excellent nomination letter penned by Mike Frame) for my work over year building and launching the Welcome to St George's Hospital app, the indoor maps project I did with Google for the hospital (first hospital in the UK to offer indoor maps) and my work redeveloping the St George's website.

Runner up - NHS web technology audit

NHS Hackday
The NHS web technology audit scraped 167 acute NHS Trust websites and built an overall picture of the technologies in use across the acute web portfolio.

Scraper of the weekend

Won Scraper of the weekend at NHS HackDay. Awarded by ScraperWiki for the best use of their scraping tools to power the project I was working on during the event.


Nursing in Practice
Article covers the use of social media by nurses, the available networks and how it can improve healthcare
Confidentiality is key when dealing with patients on digital networks and formal training should be required, explains Colin Wren

Skills & Proficiency

Front-end Development

Back-end Development

Social Media

Mobile Application Development




Test Automation